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Codiac Transpo
Buses at the Highfield Square hub
Founded 1981
Headquarters 140 Millennium Blvd
Locale Moncton, NB
Service area Moncton, Riverview and Dieppe
Service type Bus service
Routes 19
Hubs Highfield Square, Champlain Place and Mapleton Shopping Area[1]
Website English site

Codiac Transpo is the urban transit service of the City of Moncton, operated on behalf of Moncton, the City of Dieppe and the Town of Riverview in New Brunswick, Canada.[2] The transit system provides express and local bus service for the residents of the Greater Moncton area and bus charter service throughout southeastern portions of the province. Bus service throughout the Maritimes is provided by Maritime Bus.



There are currently 19 regular routes which all operate from Monday to Saturday, with some of them providing additional evening and Sunday service.[3] 50 Red Line (Northwest Center to Champlain Place via Wheeler Blvd.) 51 Green Line (Mountain Road service) 52 Blue Line (Main Street service) 60 Bessborough 61 Elmwood 63 Lewisville 64 Hospitals 65 Killam 66 Caledonia 67 Edinburgh 68 Salisbury 70 Frampton 71 Coliseum 80 Gunningsville 81 Riverview 90 Dieppe Express 91 Champlain 92 Amirault

  • Express Line

Codiac Transit offers free wireless Internet on all its buses. Initially, four buses on the Express route were equipped with onboard broadband Internet and the buses were marked with lime green Wi-Fi signage, but this has since been expanded to the whole fleet. This innovative service, a first in Canada, is offered free of charge and is available to anyone with Wi-Fi. Not only does it allow riders to enjoy some entertainment like browsing the web while riding, but it offers a powerful tool to enable riders to plan their trips more effectively. This system shows the location of buses in real time, allowing riders to track the bus. While riding a Wi-Fi-enabled bus, they can see how long they will have to wait to catch their transfer.[4]


Age group Individual Fare 10 Trip Pass 20 Trip Pass Monthly Pass
Children (Under 5) Free n/a n/a n/a
Children (Above 5) $2.25 $19.00 $37.00 $47.00
Students $2.25 $19.00 $37.00 $47.00
Adults $2.25 $19.00 $37.00 $62.00
Seniors $2.25 $19.00 $37.00 $47.00

2012 lockout[edit]

The Codiac Transpo service was cancelled between June 27, 2012 and November 2012. This cancellation was the result of the City of Moncton—following approval from Moncton City Council—locking out members of ATU 1290 (the union) and suspending Codiac Transpo service indefinitely. Codiac Transpo service resumed once a settlement with the union was reached.

“Moncton City Council considered this decision very carefully,” says Moncton Mayor George LeBlanc. “We understand how difficult this will be for Codiac Transpo customers. We regret the inconvenience and hardship this will cause to customers, their employers and families. We continue to hope that this action will lead to an end to this long-standing labour dispute.”

“Council determined that the only way to resolve this situation was to take action now. Council hopes that this lockout will motivate the union to get back to the bargaining table and get this situation resolved. We want Codiac Transpo to resume its regular service as quickly as possible and Council thinks this is the best way to accomplish that,” says Mayor LeBlanc. “Codiac Transpo and its customers have been under the threat of strike since April 1, 2012 when ATU 1290 voted 94 per cent in favour of a strike, despite a very fair offer by the City. This has caused a slow deterioration of service, and more cuts to the service were likely.”

“We believe at this point that we have no other option,” says Don MacLellan, the City of Moncton’s General Manager of Community Safety Services who has responsibility for Codiac Transpo. “There was nothing else that we could do to get the union back to the bargaining table, and our service was quickly being reduced to levels that didn’t make sense for anybody.”

“While suspending Codiac Transpo service will be a tremendous inconvenience for its customers, our goal is to do it now, get it resolved quickly and return to normal operations as soon as we can,” Mr. MacLellan says. “While there is never a good time for this, the summer weather may make it a little less difficult for passengers. Doing nothing would result in ongoing service reductions, more unplanned service cancellations and a union with no motivation to get back to the bargaining table.”

The City announced the lockout late on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 to take effect immediately on Wednesday June 27. The City of Moncton apologizes to Codiac Transpo customers for the short notice. This decision was made with the safety of passengers in mind as well as the security of close to $40 million in assets.


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