Coenonympha tullia

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Large Heath or
Common Ringlet
Common Ringlet, dorsal.jpg
Coenonympha tullia inornata, Ottawa, Ontario
Conservation status
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Nymphalidae
Genus: Coenonympha
Species: C. tullia
Binomial name
Coenonympha tullia
(Müller, 1764)[verification needed]

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C. t. inornata, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The Large Heath[1] or Common Ringlet[2] (Coenonympha tullia) is a butterfly in the family Nymphalidae. It flies in a variety of grassy habitats, including roadsides, woodland edges and clearings, prairies, bogs, and arctic and alpine taiga and tundra.[2] It is a poor flyer, but can sometimes be found along ditches seeking new grounds. It is a holarctic species found in northern Europe and Asia and across North America.[2]


Coenonympha tullia var philoxenus Museum specimens
  • C. t. ampelos (W. H. Edwards, 1871) – Northwest Common Ringlet
  • C. t. benjamini (McDunnough, 1928) – Prairie Ringlet
  • C. t. brenda
  • C. t. bosniae (Davenport, 1941)
  • C. t. california (Westwood, 1851) – California Ringlet
  • C. t. columbiana (McDunnough, 1928) – Ringlet
  • C. t. davus (Fabricius, 1777)
  • C. t. elko (W. H. Edwards, 1881)
  • C. t. elwesi (Davenport, 1941)
  • C. t. eryngii (Hy. Edwards, 1877)
  • C. t. eunomia (Dornfeld, 1967)
  • C. t. furcae (W. Barnes & Benjamin, 1926)
  • C. t. gliwa
  • C. t. haydenii (W. H. Edwards, 1872) – Hayden's Common Ringlet
  • C. t. inornata (W. H. Edwards, 1861) – Inornate Common Ringlet
  • C. t. insulanus (McDunnough, 1928) – Vancouver Ringlet
  • C. t. kodiak (Edwards 1869) – Kodiak Ringlet
  • C. t. mackenziei (D. Davenport, 1936) – Mackenzie's Ringlet
  • C. t. mcisaaci (dos Passos, 1935) – McIsaac's Ringlet
  • C. t. mixturata (Alphéraky, 1897)
  • C. t. mono (Burdick, 1942) – (Common) Ringlet
  • C. t. ochracea (W. H. Edwards, 1861) – Ochre (Common) Ringlet
  • C. t. polydama (Haworth, 1803)
  • C. t. pseudobrenda (Austin & R. Gray, 1998)
  • C. t. scotica (Staudinger, 1901)
  • C. t. sibirica (Davenport, 1941)
  • C. t. subfusca (W. Barnes & Benjamin, 1926)
  • C. t. suecica (Hemming, 1936)
  • C. t. tullia (Müller, 1764) – Common Ringlet
  • C. t. viluiensis (Ménétriés, 1859)
  • C. t. yontocket (Porter & Mattoon, 1989) – Yontocket Satyr Ringlet
  • C. t. yukonensis (W. Holland, 1900) – Yukon Common Ringlet

Formerly a subspecies:


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