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Coerney is located in South Africa
 Coerney shown within South Africa
Coordinates: 33°27′32″S 25°43′26″E / 33.4588°S 25.724°E / -33.4588; 25.724Coordinates: 33°27′32″S 25°43′26″E / 33.4588°S 25.724°E / -33.4588; 25.724
Country South Africa
Province Eastern Cape
District Cacadu
Municipality Sundays River Valley

Coerney is a river and railway station 64 km north of Port Elizabeth, on the route to Rosmead, situated in the Sundays River Valley, in the former Alexandria district. Recorded as early as 1752 (journal of A F Beutler), the name is derived from Khoekhoen and means 'narrow (not "small") forest'. Formerly also known as Hoender Craal, from Dutch parelhoender, 'guinea-fowl'.[1]


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