Cogalnic River

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Cogalnic River
Origin Nisporeni District
Mouth Sasyk Lagoon
Basin countries Moldova, Ukraine
Length 183 km
Mouth elevation 0
Avg. discharge 0.30 m³/s (avg), 6.47 m³/s (max), .0006 m³/s (min)
Basin area 2350 km²

The Cogalnic River (also Cogâlnic, Kogylnik, Kogîlnic, or Kunduk) is a 183 km river in Moldova and south-western Ukraine.

The Cogalnic rises in the hills of Nisporeni District in the Codri region west of the Moldovan capital, Chişinău. It flows through the cities of Hînceşti, Cimişlia and Basarabeasca, and then into the Budjak, past Artsyz and into the Prichernomorskoy lowlands of the Odessa Oblast (province) of Ukraine. Together with the Sarata River it enters the Sasyk Liman and thence into the Black Sea.


Johann Thunmann in his eighteenth century work described it:

In warm months, there is a great shortage of water. Even the largest river in this area, the Kogylnik, then dries, and it is often due to lack of water that the livestock of the Tatars die from thirst. In the autumn, when the rainy season starts, there appear suddenly appear countless streams across the low country. All of the marshes are then covered with puddles. To overcome the water shortages suffered in the summer, one finds very deep wells have been dug everywhere. Among the Tatars, as in the east, digging wells has become an act of religion and honor.[1]


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