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Cognizance logo.JPG
Type Student Non-Profit Organisation
Genre Technical
Founded 2003
Place Roorkee, India
Institute Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Cognizance is the annual technical festival (techfest) of the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT-R). Established in 2003, it has celebrated its 10th edition in 2012. It is one of the largest technical festivals in Asia.[1] The 9th edition consisted of a over 150 events and hosted 2,200 guest students, in addition to about 7,000 students from the hosting institution.[2]


Guest lectures[edit]

Guest lecturers at Cognizance, 2012.

Since its inception in 2003,[citation needed] Cognizance organises a series of guest lectures by well-known scientists, technologists and businessmen. Past notable lecturers include John C. Mather, Sylvester James Gates, Robert Laughlin and M. C. Mehta in 2010,[3] and Chris Phillips, Dilip Chhabria and Satish Jha in 2011.[2]


Workshops of wide variety are held during Cognizance, presented by experts in their fields. Some notable past workshops include workshops on aeromodelling, Hexapod, Android and Adobe Illustrator, held in 2011,[4] and on Photography, Visual Effects and Robotics, held in 2012.[5]


Exhibitions at Cognizance offer variety of interactive displays. Notable past exhibitions were made by the Indian Army and the Defence Research and Development Organisation in 2011.[1]

Online events[edit]

Cognizance organizes a plethora of online events that attracts participation from all over the globe. Over the years these included:

  • Insomnia, an overnight coding competition[6]
  • Illushun , online treasure hunt[6]
  • Blogomania, an online competition to test the blogging skills of the participants[3]


Centrestage includes events, competitions and shows. Past events on Centerstage included:[6][4]

  • Cairn Confluence, panel discussion and problem-solving competition relating to oil and energy industries (conducted by the department of Earth Sciences)
  • Armageddon, battle of the bots
  • Robosapiens, extreme robotics event
  • Powerdrift, remote controlled car racing contest
  • Cyborg Break in
  • Chaos, computer games competition
  • Villaticum Idealis
  • Economix
  • House For All
  • Model United Nations
  • Quizzotica, a quiz contest
  • Corporate Social Responsibility paper presentation event[7]

Departmental events[edit]

Departmental evens are held by each of the 17 departments:[6][4][5]

  • Spectrum, department related industry problem solving event
  • Spotlight, problem solving contest
  • Ideaz, national level paper presentation competition

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