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Stage-like terras on Cojitambo archaeological site, Canar province, Ecuador.

Cojitambo is a village and an archaeological site 11 kilometers west of Azogues, capital of the Canar province of Ecuador. This article is about the archaeological site.[1] which is also known as Cojitambo ruines.


Cojitambo archaeological site is located at 2°45′36″S 78°53′20″N, 3,025 meters above sealevel. Distance by road to Azogues, Canar, is 11 km, distance by road to Cuenca, Azuay is 23 km.


The Cojitambo archaeological site is thought to be the remains of a Canar and Inca ceremonial sanctuary and military stronghold. Canar people occupied the area from 500 BC until they were conquered by the Incas around 1450. Terraces, stairs and well are thought to be of Canar origin, dating from before the Inca conquest. The two visible buildings are believed to be of Inca origin, built approximately between 1450 and 1500.


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Coordinates: 2°45′S 78°52′W / 2.750°S 78.867°W / -2.750; -78.867