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United States[edit]

  • Holmes Colbert (fl. 1812–1850s), developer of the Chickasaw Nation's constitution in the 1850s
  • Levi Colbert (1759–1834), also known as Itawamba, was a leader and chief of the Chickasaw in the American Southeast.
  • George Colbert (c. 1764–1839), also known as Tootemastubbea, leader of the Chickasaw, soldier and a plantation owner in Mississippi
  • J. Frank Colbert (1882-1949), Louisiana politician
  • Edwin Harris Colbert (1905–2001), American vertebrate paleontologist
  • Richard G. Colbert (1915-1973), four-star admiral, U.S. Navy
  • Robert Colbert (born 1931), American television actor and star of The Time Tunnel
  • Tom Colbert (born 1949), Oklahoma State Supreme Court Justice
  • Brad Colbert (born 1974), United States Marine and subject of Generation Kill7
  • Richard Colbert, American spammer

Other nations[edit]

Given names[edit]




Origin and etymology of the surname Colbert[edit]

They remain unclear. In France, the name is already mentioned in Champagne, in the 15th century. It seems to be a reduced form of Colibert, which is mentioned early in Champagne too. Colibert was originally a nickname from Latin Collibertus "freed slave". If not, it can be originally a Germanic given name *Colberht or the gallicized form of the Flemish surname Koelbert (ancient given name, mentioned as Colobert in the 7th century).[1]


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