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Coordinates: 34°31′24″N 119°50′07″W / 34.523315°N 119.835408°W / 34.523315; -119.835408 Cold Spring Tavern was established as a stagecoach stop in 1865. Originally known as the "Cold Spring Relay Station", it was a place to change horses and allow travelers to rest and enjoy a meal. It has been featured on national television several times.[citation needed]

Cold Spring Tavern in 2010.

The tavern serves steak, lamb, venison, duck, and rabbit,[1] and kangaroo. Controversially, it served lion for a brief period in 1998. The tavern is located 20 minutes north of Santa Barbara, California in Cold Spring Canyon, which is about a mile off Highway 154 along Stagecoach Road (in the San Marcos Pass area).


The tavern was chosen as the BEST place for a Romantic Getaway and The Santa Barbara Independent called it "pure MAGIC!"[2] They have been noted as one of the few (if not only) restaurants serving bear.[3]

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