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For the 1955 film starring John Mills see The Colditz Story

Colditz — sometimes mistakenly referred to[1] by its working title[2] Escape from Colditz — is a 2005 British two-part television film produced by Granada Television for ITV, written by Peter Morgan and directed by Stuart Orme. Part one initially screened on that network on 27 March 2005.[2] In 2006, it won the BAFTA Television Craft Award for best sound design in a fiction or entertainment.[3]

It is based on two sources named by the end credits: Henry Chancellor's book Colditz (also known as Colditz: The Definitive History)[4] and the Channel Four television series, Escape from Colditz. It is not claimed to be historically accurate.[5]

It tells the several stories of various, mostly British, prisoners of war in World War II and their attempts to escape Colditz.

As of November 2010, Colditz has been released on DVD[6] and Blu-ray[7] in Region 1 and on DVD in Region 2.[8]



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