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Coordinates: 40°42′43.3″N 74°02′02″W / 40.712028°N 74.03389°W / 40.712028; -74.03389

Original location

The Colgate Clock is an octagonal clock facing the Hudson River near Exchange Place in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States, with a diameter of 50 feet (15 m).[1] It is currently situated 400 meters south of the former site of the headquarters of consumer products conglomerate Colgate-Palmolive, which was until the 1980s based in Jersey City. The clock was maintained by John A. Winters from the 1930s until his retirement in 1976.

The current Colgate Clock was built in 1924 to replace an earlier clock designed by Colgate engineer Warren Davey[2] and constructed by the Seth Thomas Clock Company for the centennial of the Colgate Company in 1906. After the current clock's construction, the earlier clock was relocated to a Colgate factory in Clarksville, Indiana.[1][3][4]

As of 2005, the Colgate Clock stands on an otherwise empty lot; all of the other buildings in the complex were demolished in 1985, when Colgate left New Jersey. The lot is located on the Hudson River waterfront and the clock itself is 100 meters south of the Goldman Sachs Tower, the largest skyscraper in the state of New Jersey. The construction of that building in the early 2000s forced a relocation of the clock southward to its current location. At the time of the relocation the size of the Colgate advertisement attached to it was reduced to comply with the Hudson River No Billboard law. As a part of the relocation agreement Goldman Sachs now maintains the clock.

Rear view of the Colgate Clock in the Paulus Hook area

The clock is a mandatory reporting point for flights below Class B airspace in the Hudson River VFR corridor.[5]

In June 2013 it was announced that the clock would be refurbished and raised in order to allow for greater visibility .[6]

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