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For the Northern Ireland international footballer, see Colin Coates (footballer).
Colin Coates coaching Pascal Briand at the World Allround Championships in Hamar in 2009.

Colin Victor Coates (born 4 April 1946 in Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria) is a former ice speed skater from Australia, who represented his native country in – a record – six consecutive Winter Olympics, starting in 1968 in Grenoble, France.


Personal records[edit]

Personal records
Men's Speed skating
Distance Time Date Location Notes
500 m 40.14 1976-03-13 Inzell
1,000 m 1:19.47 1976-03-13 Inzell
1,500 m 2:00.79 1979-01-26 Davos
5,000 m 7:12.95 1984-01-07 Inzell
10,000 m 14:41.88 1988-02-21 Calgary

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