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Colin Clement Walter James (20 September 1926[1] - 10 December 2009[2]) was an Anglican bishop who served in the Church of England.

James was educated at Aldenham School and King's College, Cambridge before his ordained ministry which began with a curacy at Stepney, after which he was a chaplain of Stowe School.[3] Following this he was a producer of religious programmes for the BBC[4] and then (his final appointment before being ordained to the episcopate) vicar of St Peter's Bournemouth.[5] James was the first suffragan Bishop of Basingstoke in the Diocese of Winchester, then diocesan Bishop of Wakefield[6] before returning to the Diocese of Winchester as the diocesan bishop.[7]


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Church of England titles
New title Bishop of Basingstoke
Succeeded by
Michael Manktelow
Preceded by
Eric Treacy
Bishop of Wakefield
Succeeded by
David Hope
Preceded by
John Taylor
Bishop of Winchester
Succeeded by
Michael Scott-Joynt