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Coordinates: 34°0′4.86″N 6°50′30.21″W / 34.0013500°N 6.8417250°W / 34.0013500; -6.8417250 The Collège Royal is an education establishment located inside the royal palace in Rabat. Since its foundation in 1942, it specializes in the education of princes and princesses of the Alaouite dynasty.


The Collège Royal was created in 1942 by Mohammed V under the French protectorate.[1] This came after, the monarch initially tried to send his son Hassan II to the Ecole des Roches in France but couldn't because of World War II. The school opens a class for each senior member of the Alaouite Royal family. It previously opened classes for Hassan II, Mohammed VI, Prince Moulay Rachid, Moulay Hassan, Crown Prince of Morocco, the daughters of Hassan II, Prince Moulay Ismail and Lalla Soukaina.[2]


Class of Prince Moulay Hassan[edit]

Some of the attendees:[1]

Class of Prince Sidi Mohammed[edit]

The class was opened officially in 1973.[2]

* joined in 1977

Class of Prince Moulay Rachid[edit]

People who worked at the Collège Royal[edit]

  • Mehdi Ben Barka, was the teacher of mathematics for crown prince Hassan II.
  • Ahmed Bahnini, taught Arabic for the class of crown prince Hassan II.


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