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Collaro was the name of a major early British manufacturer of gramophones, record players, and tape decks, throughout the early years of sound reproduction. The company was founded in Barking, Essex, 1920, as Collaro Ltd, and was a private company in 1924. In 1961 it was described as the largest manufacturers of record changers in the United Kingdom, and also manufactured fan heaters. It went out of business sometime in the 1960s. The record decks comprised the mechanical unit incorporating a turntable and pickup, without electronics, and were built into many manufactured and home-constructed record players of the time.

The Collaro Transcriptor, and Collaro Studio were tape decks (mechanisms without associated electronics) that were incorporated into many home tape recorders at the time. Unlike some other makes of deck, they accommodated 7-inch tape reels, rather than 5.75-inch, giving longer playing time, and had three speeds selectable up to 7.5 inches/second.[1]


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