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College Ten
Motto Social Justice and Community
Established 2002
Type Residential college
Provost Helen Shapiro
Undergraduates 1522 [1]
Location United States Santa Cruz, California
Campus Suburban/Sylvan
Colors      UCSC Blue
     UCSC Gold
A dorm building at College Ten.

College Ten is one of the ten residential colleges at the University of California, Santa Cruz. It is on the north side of campus, west of College Nine and north of the Cowell Student Health Center. The theme of its freshman core course is Social Justice and Community.

College Ten is home to the University Center, a conference center located above the College Nine and Ten Dining Commons, and Cafe Revolución, a student-run co-op cafe open only in the evenings. The cafe was designed and founded with the leadership and vision of staff member eeman agrama, and College Ten students in September 2003. It is now fondly referred to as the "place to be" at College Ten.

Along with College Nine, College Ten features some of the most modern architecture of any of the residential colleges. Because of its theme, proximity, and simultaneous construction, College Ten maintains close affiliation with the Social Sciences departments. The Social Science buildings are located adjacent to the dormitories and Nine/Ten apartments.

The construction of Colleges Nine and Ten in 1992 caused a furor among students, as the planned construction site called for the destruction of a region of forest known as Elfland. Rife with unique student-built fantasy structures, the demolition of most of Elfland sparked student protests, resulting in several arrests [1].

College Ten was founded in 2002, making it the newest UCSC college as of March 2008. It is one of three residential colleges, along with College Eight and College Nine, that is as yet unnamed.

College Ten and College Nine are in physical proximity, with a shared central dining hall.

University of California, Santa Cruz students (including those associated with either College Nine or College Ten), as well as university staff, generally refer to both Colleges as "College Nine and Ten". There is currently very little to distinguish one from the other: they have identical architecture, are within close proximity to each other, are both associated with the Social Science Buildings, and their core course themes have many similarities. The College Nine and College Ten residence halls and shared dining hall opened in fall 2002. Nine and Ten hold few events that are solely for one college or the other. Some College Nine and College Ten student and professional staff are working to develop unique identities for each. As of Fall 2010, College Ten students and staff named their three residential halls as Ohlone, Amnesty, and Angela Davis electorally to further distinguish the College Ten's identity and theme.


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