Colombo (soccer)

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Full name Colombo Soccer Club.
Chairman  United States
Manager  United States
Coach  United States
League American Soccer League

Colombo was an American soccer club based in Staten Island, New York that was a member of the American Soccer League. While only in existence for one year, the team took the ASL title under the direction of player-coach, and future Hall of Famer, Jack Hynes.



  • Peter Castelli

Significant players[edit]


  • Goal Franco Altieri
  • Right Fullback Joe Corbo
  • Left Fullback Luigi Pulice
  • Right Halfback Carlos Umana
  • Center Halfback Eugenio Vinyei
  • Left Halfback Tommy Barrett
  • Outside Right Jack Hynes
  • Inside Right Carlos Bustamante
  • Center Forward Franesto Savino
  • Inside Left Mario Zelaschi
  • Outside Left Louis Sanzone
  • John Comazo
  • Peter Togios
  • Mario Zelashi
  • Luiz Sansone


Year Division League Reg. Season Playoffs U.S. Open Cup
1959-60 N/A ASL 1st Champion ?