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Colony and Protectorate of Kenya
British colony


Flag of the Colony of Kenya

"God save the King/Queen"
Capital Nairobi
Languages English
Government Colonial administration
 -  1920–1936 George V
 -  1936 Edward VIII
 -  1936–1952 George VI
 -  1952–1963 Elizabeth II
Commissioner or Governor
 -  1920–1922 (first) Maj-Gen Sir Edward Northey
 -  1937–1939 ACM Sir Robert Brooke-Popham
 -  1963 (last) Malcolm John MacDonald
Historical era 20th century
 -  Established 23 July 1920
 -  Independent as Kenya
12 December 1963
Currency East African shilling

Kenya, formally the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya, was part of the British Empire in the territory of present-day Kenya. It was established when the former East Africa Protectorate was transformed into a British crown colony in 1920. Technically, "Colony of Kenya" referred to the interior lands. A ten-mile coastal strip, ostensibly on lease from the Sultan of Zanzibar, was the "Protectorate of Kenya", and was only ceded to the Colony of Kenya in October 1963. However, the two were controlled as a single administrative unit. Mombasa, the largest city in 1921, had a population of 32,000 at that time.

Indians in the Kenya Colony[1] objected to the reservation of the Highlands for Europeans, and bitterness grew between the Indians and the Europeans. The population in 1921 was estimated at 2,376,000, of whom 9651 were Europeans, 22,822 Indians, and 10,102 Arabs.

The colony came to an end in 1963 when independence was agreed with the British. After independence, the former colony became known as Kenya.


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