Color Me Cinnamon

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Color Me Cinnamon
Studio album by Stacey Q
Released February 14, 2010
Recorded Casbah Recording Studio, Fullerton, California
Genre Electro, Synthpop
Label Hydra Productions
Producer Jon St. James
Stacey Q chronology
Color Me Cinnamon
Singles from Color Me Cinnamon
  1. "Pandora's Box"
    Released: January 19, 2010

Color Me Cinnamon is the sixth studio album of singer Stacey Q, released in 2010.

On February 14, 2010, Stacey Q released her most-recent album Color Me Cinnamon by Hydra Productions. The first single, "Trip," was released August 4, 2009, and the second single, "Pandora's Box" was released January 19, 2010, both on CD maxi-singles and via iTunes.

Her first album in 13 years, "Color Me Cinnamon" features the classic Stacey Q sound with a modern edge, but doesn’t copy what many other artists are doing today, said longtime Stacey Q producer Jon St. James.

"Our goal was to make an album that had our signature Stacey Q sound and to hell with what is trendy at the mo-ment," St. James said. "After ‘Better Than Heaven,’ we were always tortured by record company opinions about what we should do. That’s not conducive to creativity. We worked long, passionate hours to achieve these results. I’m very proud of this musical journey called ‘Color Me Cinnamon.’ "

The 14-track disc, which marks a return to dance music for Stacey Q, features the lead single "Trip," written by Hydra Productions’ Shawn Winstian and Shane Condo and Jon St. James. "Lyrically, I wrote ‘Trip’ about allowing yourself to tune in to what it is you really want, not to be afraid of what’s holding you back," Winstian said.

On "Color Me Cinnamon," Stacey Q takes listeners on a musical journey, assuming several personas throughout the album. She transforms from a woman of the night on "Candy Apple" to a wealthy French socialite who has every-thing money can buy but nothing she really want on "Sad Cafe." Other standout tracks include the pulsating "Euphoria," about achieving extreme content and fulfillment; the radio-friendly "Below the Surface," about an extreme burning desire; "Masquerade," about living behind a mask; and the retro-80s sounding "The Lion’s Den," about the New York City party scene.

The idea for "Color Me Cinnamon" was formed when Winstian asked St. James to remix a few singles from Hydra Productions’ debut CD, "Liquid."

"As we went into our third remix, it became obvious to Shawn, Stacey and I that we were creating a little bit of magic," St. James said. "When I suggested to Shawn and Miss Q that we do a full-length album, they both loved the idea."

The album title, "Color Me Cinnamon," taps into a unique part of Stacey Q history. The title references the album title that was used on the popular 1987 episode of "The Facts of Life," in which Stacey played the character Cinnamon, a bud-ding rock star. The acting role was specifically written for Stacey.

"Cinnamon was a very popular character for Stacey and a lot of fans thought it was her name," Winstian said. "After recording the song ‘Cinnamon Girl’ for this album, we decided to call it "Color Me Cinnamon" as an homage to the album her character had released on the show. For me, this is that lost album."

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Prelude"   Stacey Q, Jon St. James, Shawn Winstian 1:22
2. "Trip"   St. James, Winstian, Shane Condo 3:30
3. "Below the Surface"   Stacey Q, St. James, Winstian 3:08
4. "Pandora's Box"   Stacey Q, St. James, Winstian 4:51
5. "Masquerade"   St. James, Winstian 5:46
6. "Candy Apple"   Stacey Q, St. James, Winstian 3:16
7. "Euphoria"   St. James, Winstian, Condo 5:27
8. "Behind the Eight Ball"   Stacey Q, St. James, Winstian 3:21
9. "The Lion's Den"   St. James, Winstian 4:17
10. "Going Goth"   Stacey Q, St. James, Winstian 3:31
11. "Voices in My Head"   St. James, Winstian, Condo 5:39
12. "Cinnamon Girl"   Stacey Q, St. James, Winstian 5:10
13. "Where I Am"   Stacey Q, St. James, Winstian 3:03
14. "Sad Cafe"   Stacey Q, St. James, Winstian 5:04