Colorado's Finest Alternative High School

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Colorado's Finest Alternative High School
2323 W. Baker Avenue
Englewood, Colorado, 80110
United States
Coordinates 39°40′21″N 105°00′53″W / 39.67246°N 105.01483°W / 39.67246; -105.01483Coordinates: 39°40′21″N 105°00′53″W / 39.67246°N 105.01483°W / 39.67246; -105.01483
Established 1980
School district Englewood Schools
Principal Dr. Bobbie Skaggs
Staff 28
Teaching staff 18 (FTE) (as of 2005-06)[1]
Grades 9-12
Age range 14-21
Enrollment 582 (as of 2005-06)[1]
Student to teacher ratio 24.5 (as of 2005-06)[1]
Campus type Suburban/Urban
School colour(s) Black and Purple
Slogan Soar Into Success

Colorado's Finest Alternative High School is an alternative public high school in Englewood, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.

CFAHS serves students who prefer to attend an alternative program with a flexible start and end time. Graduates receive a certified high school diploma by completing 23 credit hours.

Current and former students and staff can stay in contact using the Colorado's Finest Alternative High School group in Facebook.

School Hours[edit]

The program runs from 8:00 AM to 5:35 PM. There is a single 20-minute break for lunch around noon and students are able to get food both on and off ca


The school is accredited by the North Central Association of Secondary Schools, the Colorado Department of Education, and holds membership in the College Board, the National Alliance of High Schools, and the National Association of College Admissions Counseling.


All teachers are certified by the state of Colorado and highly qualified in their teaching field.

Current staff members include: Justin Johnson (English/Language Arts) Marc Robson (English/Language Arts) Kim Young (Art) Dylan Dyer (Social Studies) Jon Hubbard (English/Language Arts department chairperson) Christopher Van Dyke (Technology) Alex Kravitz (Math) Chris Anderson (Social Studies department chairperson) Sherri Schwalm (Social Studies/Physical Education) Dan Marlow (Math/Science) Mary Corbett (Science) Matt Kansteiner (Science) Rebecca Moraja (English/Language Arts) Julie White (English) Linda Kapler (Science department chairperson) Eric Trujillo (Math) Ginger Rode (Math department chairperson) Jana Horchem (Physical Education)

Office staff: Lori Baker (Registrar) Sigrid Maxey (Executive Secretary) Donna Mortensen (Evening Secretary

Administration: Bobbie Skaggs-Renaud (Principal) Janelle Smith (Assistant Principal)

Counseling: Sarah Anderson (College and Career Advisor) Heather Powers (Student Advocate) Lindsay Geiger (School-based therapist)

Custodial: Angel Aguilar (Head Custodian) Judy Vigil (Night Custodian)

Three Golden Rules[edit]

Students attending Colorado's Finest Alternative High School must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Students must make 90% of their points.
  2. No Anti-Social Behavior (intimidation, verbal abuse, bullying, tagging, etc.)
  3. Drugs, alcohol, violence or threats of violence are not tolerated.


The name of the school was created by the first group of students who stated they attended the "Finest" Alternative High School in Colorado. Several times throughout the years the students have been asked how they feel about changing the name and they have always voted overwhelmingly to remain Colorado’s Finest Alternative High School.

Program Offerings[edit]

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Full staffing for all subject areas
  • Wide variety of classes
  • A Certified High School Diploma program
  • Optional career-focused educational planning
  • Homework not required
  • Post-secondary co-enrollment options to receive dual high school and college credit
  • Students must be between the ages of 14-20.
  • In conjunction with various school districts around the metro area, we have created vocational education opportunities for our students. These programs include automotive technology, culinary arts, small engine repair, and a host of other options.


In December 1991, The Colorado School Board of Education recognized CFAHS as a Commissioner's Challenger School. We are one of three High Schools to receive this honor.

In 1992, the Colorado State Board of Education recognized CFAHS as a School of Excellence. The school has been recognized as a School of Excellence for six consecutive years. We are the only high school in Colorado to achieve this.

The Colorado State Board of Education and the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry jointly award the John J. Erwin Colorado School of Excellence each spring to schools that maintain their high academic standards. CFAHS is the only high school to receive this award for five consecutive years.

CFAHS has been a winner in the Redbook's America's Best School Project in 1994 and 1996, the two years they recognized secondary schools.

In 1994, CFAHS was selected the "Best Alternative School" in Colorado by Westword.

In 2004, CFAHS received Honorable Mention for National Dropout Prevention Network from the Crystal Star Award of Excellence.

In 2005, CFAHS received the El Pomar Foundation for "Outstanding High School of the Year."The El Pomar Youth in Community Service (EPYCS) committee at CFAHS raised almost $1500 for charity, triple the amount required by the El Pomar Foundation, beating out more than 130 high schools across the state.


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