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Colorado Conservation Voters (CCV) works to turn conservation values into Colorado policy. Its mission is to make environmental protection a top priority for voters, political candidates, and elected officials in Colorado. CCV educates the public about the conservation positions of candidates and elected officials, and holds elected officials accountable for their environmental records. CCV is a 501(c)4 organization and was formed in 1998.

In its role as a watchdog organization, CCV produces the Colorado Legislative Environmental Scorecard at the close of each Legislative Session. The Scorecard provides nonpartisan, factual information on how each member of the Colorado Legislature voted on a range of environmental issues. The Scorecard is produced in consultation with an Advisory Committee of environmental experts from across the state. CCV hosts a session tracking system on their website, enabling Coloradans to evaluate their representatives before the close of the legislative year.

CCV has a history of success in Colorado's electoral politics with 19 out of 26 endorsed candidates winning their races in 2008. In 2006, 48 of its 51 endorsed candidates won their races. In 2004, 40 of CCV's 44 endorsed candidates went on to win.

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