Colorado River Indian Tribes

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The Colorado River Indian Tribes is a geo-political unit consisting of the four distinct tribes associated with the Colorado River Indian Reservation: the Mohave, Chemehuevi, Hopi, and Navajo. The combined tribe is governed by a council of nine members and overseen by a tribal Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer who come from amongst the council members. The four tribes continue to maintain and observe their traditional ways and religious and culturally unique identities.

Their reservations cover 1,119.4445 km2 (432.22 sq mi) of land in Riverside and San Bernardino counties in California and La Paz County, Arizona. Today, there are about 3,500 active members of the tribes. They are located in communities in and around Parker and Poston. The 2000 census reported a population of 9,201 persons residing on the reservation. The main economy for the tribes is derived from the agricultural industry, growing cotton, alfalfa, and sorghum. Recently, they've added tourism to the economy with the opening of the BlueWater Resort and Casino. The largest community is the town of Parker.

Notable tribal members[edit]


Map of Colorado River Indian Tribe reservation land in La Paz County, Arizona.