Colosseum: Road to Freedom

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Colosseum: Road to Freedom
Colosseum - Road to Freedom Coverart.png
Cover art
Developer(s) Ertain
Publisher(s) Koei
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
Release date(s)
  • JP February 17, 2005
  • NA July 20, 2005
  • PAL September 9, 2005
Genre(s) Third-person action
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution 1 x DVD-ROM

Colosseum: Road to Freedom (originally Gladiator: Road to Freedom in Japan) is a video game for the PlayStation 2 console. It is a hybrid fighting/RPG game loosely based on the Roman Empire around the time of the Emperor Commodus.

Gameplay and story[edit]

Colosseum: Road to Freedom has the player take on the role of a slave that must partake gladiatorial games in order to earn enough money to purchase his freedom. The majority of the game is spent training the player's character and fighting in arena battles. The story in Colosseum takes a backseat in order to allow a higher degree of open-ended gameplay. Players have the freedom to tailor their game avatar to their liking depending on how they answer questions prior to gameplay.

Depending on the player's performance, it is possible to pay off the character's debts and still remain a freeman gladiator. The game allows for multiple endings depending on the player's performance over its course.

==Gladiator weapons== * Swords: Traditionally balanced weapons perfect for first-time players. == Armas Gladiador == * Swords: Armas Tradicionalmente perfeito equilíbrio para jogadores de primeira viagem. *Clubs: Clubs inflict heavy bludgeoning damage, which can often knock armor off of an opponent, or even render them unconscious. * Clubes: Clubes infligir danos concussão pesado, o que muitas vezes pode bater armadura fora de um oponente, ou mesmo torná-los inconscientes. *Axes: Combining the weight of a hammer with the sharpness of a blade to deliver the most damage to an enemy. * Eixos: Combinando o peso de um martelo com a nitidez de uma lâmina para entregar o maior dano a um inimigo e a mumia não faz coco. * Polearms: Heavy weapons with long reach, but difficult to use in close quarters and low weapon durability making it easy to disarm. * Lanças: armas pesadas com longo alcance, mas difícil de usar em ambientes fechados e de baixa durabilidade arma, tornando mais fácil para desarmar. * Hammers: A weapon which relies on its sheer weight to inflict damage. * Hammers: Uma arma que depende de seu peso enorme para infligir danos. Due to the high weight of the weapon it is very difficult to disarm an enemy with a hammer. Devido ao elevado peso da arma é muito difícil de desarmar um inimigo com um martelo. * Chains: A rather uncommon weapon in the arena, they deliver a powerful blow. * Chains: Uma arma bastante incomum na arena, eles entregam um poderoso golpe mas a mumia não faz coco. * Shields: While not exactly an offensive tool, shields can be used to push away enemies. * Shields: Embora não seja exatamente uma ferramenta ofensiva, escudos pode ser usado para afastar inimigos. * Knuckles: short ranged weapons ranging from fists to bladed knuckles, very fast attack but hampered by lack of reach. * Knuckles: armas de curto alcance que vão desde os punhos para juntas lâminas, ataque muito rápido, mas prejudicado pela falta de alcance.


  • Narcissus
  • Commodus
  • Laetus: An associate of Marcia, whose true colors will be revealed on later in the game.
  • Marcia
  • Magerius, Gnaeus, Decimus, Celadeus: Magerius is your owner for the majority of the game and he runs a gladiatorial training facility. Gnaeus, Decimus and Celadeus are responsible for your training.

All special fights in the Colosseum pit the player's character against other named gladiators.

Reception and legacy[edit]

While reviewers commended Colosseum's open-ended gameplay, the lack of additional scenarios had some impact on its image.

On September 1, 2005, Ertain and Koei released Gladiator: Road to Freedom Remix which contains a few updates to the game.

A sequel called Gladiator Begins was released in 2010, and a second one called Clan of Champions was released in late 2011.

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