Colt New Police Revolver

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Colt New Police
Colt New Police Revolver.jpg
Colt New Police Revolver
Type Revolver
Place of origin  USA
Production history
Produced 1896 (1896) to 1907 (1907)
Cartridge .32 Long Colt
Action double action revolver
Feed system Cylinder magazine

The Colt New Police is a single and/or double action, six shot revolver. It could chamber either .32 Long Colt or .32 Short Colt cartridges. It was manufactured from 1896 to 1907 by Colt Firearms of Hartford, CT. The sights on the weapon were fixed. It could be purchased with a two and a half inch, four inch, or six inch barrel. It could be purchased with a blued or nickel finish and hard rubber grips. It was selected by New York City, NY (NYPD) Police Commissioner Theodore Roosevelt in 1896 to be the first standard issue pistol for NYPD officers.[1][2]

A target version was made until 1905 with a 6" barrel and adjustable sights.[3]


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