Columbia (1958 yacht)

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Columbia (right)
Columbia (right) in 2011
Yacht Club:  New York Yacht Club
Nation:  United States
America's Cup Year(s): 1958
Hull Type: Monohull
Class: 12-Metre
Designer(s): Olin Stephens
Builder: Nevins, City Island
Owner(s): Henry Sears syndicate
Skipper(s): Briggs Cunningham
Notable Victories: 1958 America's Cup

Columbia (US-16) was the successful defender of the 1958 America's Cup for the New York Yacht Club.


Designed by Olin Stephens and built by Nevins, Columbia was built especially for the 1958 America's Cup trials.


Columbia was owned by a syndicate headed by Henry Sears, Gerard B. Lambert, Briggs S. Cunningham, Vincent Astor, James A. Farrell, A. Howard Fuller, and William T. Moore.

Columbia was helmed by Briggs Cunningham, the inventor of the cunningham sail control device, with syndicate head Henry Sears serving as navigator. After successfully defending the Cup against the challenger Sceptre, she went on to a long career competing the in Defender trials for the 1962, 1964, and 1967 America's Cup competitions.


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