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This article is about the automobile manufacturer from 1917–1924. For the automobile manufacturer from 1899–1910, see Columbia Automobile Company.

Columbia Motors was a Detroit, Michigan, United States based automobile manufacturer that produced automobiles from 1917 to 1924.

1920 advertisement for the Columbia Six, with artwork curiously showing the car-less city of Venice

Columbia Motors was incorporated in 1916, with John George Bayerline as company president and William E. Metzger as vice-president.[1] Bayerline was the former president and general manager of the King Motor Car Company[2] and former general manager and founder of the Warren Motor Car Company.[3] Prior to founding Columbia, Metzger was a founder of the E-M-F Company which later became the Studebaker Corporation.

Columbia Motors produced two models powered by Continental six-cylinder engines including the popular Columbia Six. In 1916, Columbia bought Argo Electric. In 1923, Columbia acquired Liberty Motor Car.

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