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Coma Berenicids (IMO designation: CBE; IAU shower number: 20) is a minor meteor shower, originating from the constellation Coma Berenices. The shower appears from December 8 to January 23 with the estimated maximum on December 20—29 (approximately).[1] The radiant during that time is at α=165°, δ=+30°.[1] The shower's population index is 3.0 with the speed of 64 kilometres per second (40 mi/s).[2]

Coma Berenicids were first detected within the framework of Harvard Radio Meteor Project. The shower's existence was discovered by Richard Eugene McCrosky and A. Posen in 1959.[1] Coma Berenicids have an orbit very similar to Leo Minorids and were originally referred to as "December Leo Minorids".[1]


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