Combination classification in the Tour de France

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Combination jersey
Jersey combined.svg
Award details
Sport Road Cycling
Competition Tour de France
Given for Winner combination classification
Local name Performance (French)
First award 1968
Editions 15
Final award 1989
First winner  Franco Bitossi (ITA)
Most wins

 Eddy Merckx (BEL)

5 times
Most recent  Steven Rooks (NED)

The combination jersey (also known as the multi-coloured jersey or technicolour jersey) was the jersey in the Tour de France worn by the leader of the combination classification.


In 1968 the combination classification was introduced in the Tour de France, although at that time it was awarded with a white jersey. The jersey was awarded to the cyclists that did best in all other classifications: the General classification in the Tour de France, Points classification in the Tour de France and Mountains classification in the Tour de France. It was seen as the classification for the all-round cyclist. Only cyclists ranking in each of the three other classifications were ranked in the Combination classification. Ranking was established by adding the cyslists' ranks in the three other classifications: 1 point for rank 1, 2 points for rank 2 and so on. Cyclists being at level on ranks for one of the other classifications were added the average of the corresponding points (e.g. 2 cyclists being level at rank 3 where counting (3+4)/2 = 3.5 points). Finally, the lower the sum the better the Combination classification ranking.

From 1975 on, the white jersey was given to the best young cyclist, and the combination classification temporarily disappeared. In 1980, the combination classification was reintroduced, sponsored by French TV-station TF1, therefore officially named Grand Prix TF1. This lasted until 1982, when the combination classification disappeared again. In 1985, the combination classification was again reintroduced, and this time the combination jersey was used. After the 1989 Tour, the combination jersey has not been awarded, as the new director Jean-Marie Leblanc wanted to modernise the Tour. Since then, the Tour has awarded only the yellow, white, green and polka dot jerseys.

Winners of the combination jersey[edit]

Year Winner Points Second Place Points Third Place Points
1968  Franco Bitossi (ITA) 11  Jan Janssen (NED) 18.5  Roger Pingeon (FRA) 20
1969  Eddy Merckx (BEL) 3  Roger Pingeon (FRA) 8  Felice Gimondi (ITA) 15
1970  Eddy Merckx (BEL) 4  Martin Vandenbossche (BEL) 21.5  Marinus Wagtmans (NED) 23
1971  Eddy Merckx (BEL) 5  Joop Zoetemelk (NED) 9  Lucien Van Impe (BEL) 13
1972  Eddy Merckx (BEL) 4  Raymond Poulidor (FRA) 13  Joop Zoetemelk (NED) 13
1973  Joop Zoetemelk (NED) 20  Lucien Van Impe (BEL) 26  Bernard Thévenet (FRA) 33
1974  Eddy Merckx (BEL) 8  Michel Pollentier (BEL) 31  Raymond Poulidor (FRA) 36
Competition not contested between 1975 and 1979
1980  Ludo Peeters (BEL) No Standings Available
1981  Bernard Hinault (FRA)
1982  Bernard Hinault (FRA)
Competition not contested in 1983 and 1984
1985  Greg LeMond (USA) 91  Seán Kelly (IRL) 85  Bernard Hinault (FRA) 76
1986  Greg LeMond (USA) 87  Bernard Hinault (FRA) 87  Claude Criquielion (BEL) 68
1987  Jean-François Bernard (FRA) 72  Laurent Fignon (FRA) 70  Stephen Roche (IRL) 69
1988  Steven Rooks (NED) 84  Gert-Jan Theunisse (NED) 70  Pedro Delgado (ESP) 63
1989  Steven Rooks (NED) 89  Laurent Fignon (FRA) 84  Seán Kelly (IRL) 82

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