Comic High!

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Comic High!
Comic High! cover.jpg
Cover of the November 2007 issue featuring the characters from Chu-Bra.
Editor Kyōichi Nonaka
Categories Seinen manga
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Futabasha
First issue March 2, 2004
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Website Comic High!

Comic High! (コミック・ハイ! Komikku Hai!?) is a Japanese seinen manga magazine published on a monthly basis by Futabasha. It was launched as a special issue of Weekly Manga Action but has since become its own independent monthly anthology. The magazine was first published on March 2, 2004 as the industry's first shōjo manga magazine for males;[1] the official website describes the magazine as "Girlish comics for boys and girls." The magazine is aimed at males between 18 to 35 years old.[2]

Manga serialized[edit]


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