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Comic Life
Developer(s) plasq
Initial release 12 April 2005
Stable release 2.2.4 (September 5, 2012; 2 years ago (2012-09-05)) [±]
Preview release non [±]
Written in Objective-C
Operating system Mac OS X, Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Available in English
Type Publishing
License Proprietary
Website Comic Life

Comic Life is a comic desktop publishing computer program developed by plasq, originally for Mac OS X. plasq has since released versions of Comic Life for Windows and iOS. Comic Life was previously bundled with Intel Macs.

The app is designed to create comic pages using digital photos. Users can drag and drop photos from their libraries, finders, directly from web pages or other programs. Comic Life has an integrated camera feature that allows the user to snap a picture and add it directly to a comic. These images as well as those from iPhoto and anywhere on the hard drive can be 'filtered' to look comic like.

Comic panels, lettering, captions and balloons are also major features of the program. Comic Life is designed to work with Apple's iPhoto program and iLife software suite.

The Mac OS X version was released in April 2005 and the Windows version was released in October 2007.

Comic Life Deluxe[edit]

On February, 2006 plasq released Comic Life Deluxe for Mac.[1] This update to Comic Life allowed users the option to upgrade to more features within the app. - 33 Additional High-Quality, creative fonts - 244 new panel layouts - 100+ extra ‘speech balloon’, ‘caption’ and ‘FX’ Styles

The Windows version of Comic Life and Comic Life Deluxe was released in 2007. [2]

Comic Life Magiq[edit]

On May 15, 2008, plasq released Comic Life Magiq.[3] Magiq contained new features and a different interface. New features included spray art, shapes and more precise balloon tail control among several others. [4] Comic Life Magiq was discontinued by the end of 2011.

Comic Life 2[edit]

On December 9, 2010, plasq released Comic Life 2 for Mac.[5] This app was the successor to the original version of Comic Life, adding a new user interface and multiple features that were not available in Comic Life or Comic Life deluxe. Notable features include: full templates (not just panel layouts), curved balloon tail control, text flow, shapes, Facebook export.[6] Comic Life 2 was initially released as a Mac only product.

On March 15, 2012 released Comic Life 2 for Windows.[7] This release was simultaneous with an update to Comic Life for iPad that supported cross platform compatibility for Mac, Windows and iPad. The compatibility did not include Comic Life (original) or Comic Life Deluxe - both of which were discontinued by the end of 2013.

Comic Life for iPad[edit]

On May 3, 2011 plasq released Comic Life for iPad. [8] The app functioned on iPads with similar tools as those found in Comic Life 2. In its initial release Comic Life or iPad was not cross platform compatible with any other iteration of Comic Life. It was not until the March 15, 2012 joint release of Comic Life for iPad 1.2 and Comic Life 2.2.4 that there was unification for Comic Life on Mac, Windows and iPad. [9]

Comic Life at Trade Shows[edit]

plasq has attended trade shows and conferences centered around Education and Technology. The company predominantly participates in North American trade shows: ISTE, TCEA, CUE.[10]

Comic Life Donation History[edit]

In 2011 plasq, via Comic Life, paired with The Girl Effect in a fundraiser promotion.[11] The fund raiser was plasq's first effort to support a specific organization via monetary donation. plasq donated 25% of the profits made from individual Comic Life sales during the one week promotion period.[12]


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