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Comiston (Scottish Gaelic: Baile Chaluim) is a suburb of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. It is south of Morningside and west of the Braid Hills.

The main road through the area, Comiston Road, is a continuation of Morningside Road, and further south becomes Biggar Road. It is classified as the A702 which indeed runs eventually to Biggar. Confusingly, a part of Comiston Road is also signed as Pentland Terrace, although this is in fact the name of a terrace of Victorian houses set back from, and above Comiston Road, with a roadway of its own immediately in front of the houses.

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Coordinates: 55°54′37.28″N 3°12′49.07″W / 55.9103556°N 3.2136306°W / 55.9103556; -3.2136306