Commander Norman

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Commander Norman
Commander Norman
First appearance "Trapped in the Sky" (30 September 1965)
Last appearance "Alias Mr. Hackenbacker" (16 October 1966)
Created by Sylvia Anderson
Portrayed by Peter Dyneley
Gender Male
Occupation Chief Controller, London Airport
Nationality British

Commander Norman is a fictional character in the television series Thunderbirds. The puppet was voiced by Peter Dyneley.[1] He is one of two recurring characters on the show barring the main cast, the other being Captain Hanson.

Commander Norman is in charge of London Airport, often being seen in the main control tower. He is present for Fireflash's maiden voyage in which the aircraft is stricken with a bomb that will explode if the landing gear is released. He oversees the initial rescue attempts which fail. Thankfully, the newly created International Rescue come to Fireflash's aid, with Scott Tracy taking up position in Norman's control tower. Commander Norman ensures that security is provided for the Thunderbird craft, and organises a police chase when the security is compromised. Despite the tense situation, Norman keeps a cool head, urging the airport's fire crews to leave unmanned burning aircraft to burn out as "Fireflash is carrying passengers, they're not" ("Trapped In The Sky").

When Fireflash experiences further trouble, with Fireflash 3 disappearing along with the death of 600 crew and passengers, Norman does not hesitate in allowing International Rescue to help out, suggesting Captain Hanson pilot the flight as he is familiar with them from Fireflash's maiden voyage. Ultimately, a saboteur is found and Fireflash flies again ("Operation Crash Dive").

Norman is also around at London Airport when the Red Arrows squad faces difficulties, including a plane crashing into its hangar. Despite voicing his support to the Red Arrows chief, Colonel Tim Casey is replaced for future testing ("Edge Of Impact"). It turns out The Hood is sabotaging the Red Arrows and Casey is reinstated.

Commander Norman oversees the design and production of Brains' Skythrust plane, allowing Brains (or Mr. Hackenbacker as he wished to be called) privacy within the airport, although he often gets the name of Brains's alias confused. After Skythrust's maiden voyage in which the plane was almost hijacked, Norman invites Brains, Tin-Tin and Lady Penelope into the control tower for a celebratory glass of champagne ("Alias Mr. Hackenbacker").


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