Commercial Academy of Satu Mare

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Commercial Academy of Satu Mare
Academia Comercială
Seal of the Commercial Academy of Satu Mare
Established 1997
Type Private
Endowment $2,500,000[1]
Rector Conf. univ. dr. Andreica Romulus
Admin. staff 40
Students 1,000
Location Satu Mare, Romania

Commercial Academy of Satu Mare is a university founded in 1997 in Satu Mare, Romania, with branches in several other counties. The university is currently constructing a new campus on a 8,500 square metres (91,000 sq ft) plot located in the largest park in Satu Mare, the Garden of Rome that will be finished in 2010.[2]

Academic specialization[edit]

  • Finance and banking
  • Management
  • Accountancy and Informatics
  • Economy of Commerce, Tourism and Services
  • International Economic Relations


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