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Commercial Dock railway station was in Rotherhithe on the London and Greenwich Railway on approximately the same site as the later Southwark Park railway station. It was opened in and closed in 1867,[1] though an alternative source quotes 1859 for the opening date.[2] No visible trace remains.

There has been some doubt about the correct name of the station, which was not very close to the dock of the Commercial Dock Company, which merged with the Surrey Docks to form the Surrey Commercial Docks in 1865, with different sources giving the name as either "Commercial Dock" or "Commercial Docks". Course [3] has "Dock"; Dendy Marshall[4] has "Dock" on p364 but "Docks" on p523. Whitbread's "Map Of London 1865", two years before the station closed, has the name abbreviated to Commercial Dk Stn, suggesting that "Commercial Dock" is correct. Edward Stanford's School-Board Map of London, c. 1872, has "Commercial Docks Station", though this would have been produced after the station had closed. Butt also has "Docks".[1] A report by the Board of Trade referring to an accident near the station on 15 December 1860 uses "Commercial Dock Station",[5] and includes the text of a letter dated 25 January 1861 from the Secretary of the South Eastern Railway, which uses the phrase "...Commercial Dock Station of the Greenwich Railway..." and from this it is reasonable to conclude that the correct name was Commercial Dock Station.


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Coordinates: 51°29′22″N 0°03′09″W / 51.4894°N 0.0526°W / 51.4894; -0.0526