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A commercial director is a director who specializes in creating commercials, historically almost exclusively for television. Commercial directors often also work in television and film direction. Music video directors are also considered to be commercial directors, as music videos are recognized as a form of advertising for the song featured in the video. The term is also a variant on chief commercial officer and chief marketing officer, titles of an executive responsible for marketing activities in a company or organization, usually reporting to the chief executive officer.

Noted commercial directors[edit]

Noted directors of commercials include: Ridley Scott, Adrian Lyne, Hugh Hudson, Jean-Paul Goude, Jonathan Glazer, Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, Joe Pytka, Tarsem Singh, Dougal Wilson and Tony Kaye, Norman Hafezi, Barry Myers. Music video directors who have gone on to feature film production include Michael Mann and Julien Temple.


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