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The Commission for the Preservation of Democracy, or COMPRESDEM is an organisation created in the United Kingdom for the purpose of preventing anti-democratic change anywhere in the world, and encouraging and facilitating pro-democratic change (up to and including democratic revolution, in any non-democratic country).

Note that COMPRESDEM does not advocate tactics that involve direct risk to non-combatants or torture of captured state enforcement personnel in any revolution or guerilla action.

COMPRESDEM currently has operatives and/or more moderate supporters in the United Kingdom, some mainland European countries and the United States.

Great Britain and North America[edit]

Because out of all non-democratic countries and countries that COMPRESDEM believes are slipping away from democracy, they are the most influential/militarily capable that it has any substantial hope of maintaining a presence in at this point in time, and because the majority of its operatives are located in these countries, COMPRESDEM will for the time being concentrate on the UK and USA. COMPRESDEM believes that the erosion of freedom is too high a cost for greater protection against fundamentalist militants, and if these countries continue to introduce tougher and tougher anti-terror laws, COMPRESDEM is expected to initiate hostilities against the administrations, with the goal of returning democracy - which it believes is gone - to this part of the world.

Great Britain[edit]

Since the 9/11 attacks, and particularly since the 7/7 bombings, the British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the New Labour administration has introduced such authoritarian measures to fight "terrorism" as granting the Home Office powers to opt out of Human Rights conventions in specific cases, granting police powers to coerce anyone into allowing them to collect fingerprints, without a warrant of any sort, allowing military police to operate in civilian areas, creating powers for the Secretary of State to require telecommunications companies to retain telecommunications data, and restricting freedom of speech. The Prime Minister is now attempting to sneak through legislation that would allow him to grant himself unlimited powers as an attempt to "cut red tape to make the economy more efficient". If this bill is passed, then COMPRESDEM is expected to raise arms against the British government. It has already taken action such as lobbying the regional Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish governments to declare their countries' independence from the UK to at least limit the effect of this legislation to England, albeit without success.

In June 2007, Tony Blair stepped down as Prime Minister and was replaced - without election or official contest, despite intense campaigning by many groups, including individuals within the ruling New Labour party such as Michael Meacher and John McDonnell - by his Chancellor Gordon Brown. Although some of his policies have been - relatively speaking, at least - very democratic, COMPRESDEM opposes him for having failed to call an immediate general election upon coming to office and because many members suspect him of corruption and ulterior motives, citing his public support as Chancellor for every policy decision and law pushed by his predecessor except for not stepping down in his favour, despite his well-documented private discontent. They believe indicates either an excessive attachment to his own career at the expense of what he believed to be the public interest, or an equally excessive attachment to a show of party and government unity which they believe is misplaced if the party - and the government - is not, in fact, united in opinion.

China and North Korea[edit]

When it has the resources to do so, COMPRESDEM is expected to infiltrate China and North Korea to attempt to topple the governments there.

The rest of the world[edit]

COMPRESDEM aims to eventually bring about worldwide democracy, and to have a substantial armed presence in every country in the world so that it can prevent the rise of future dictatorships.

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