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Commitment to Change (Spanish: Compromiso para el Cambio) is a centre-right political party in Argentina, principally active in the city of Buenos Aires.

The party is led by Mauricio Macri, businessman and chairman of Boca Juniors football club. It has been active since he stood to be Mayor of Buenos Aires in 2003. He won the first round but lost the runoff election with 47% of the popular vote to Aníbal Ibarra. The party did however win a large number of members of the city legislature.

In 2003 Commitment to Change also won several seats in the Argentine Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of the Argentine Congress. In 2005 the party teamed up with the centre-right party of Ricardo López Murphy, Recreate for Growth, principally active in Buenos Aires Province. The new alliance was named Republican Proposal - Propuesta Republicana or usually PRO. The front won nine deputies in the 2005 legislative elections. Macri became a deputy in 2006.

Ahead of the 2007 elections, Macri and López Murphy have been in discussions with Jorge Sobisch, governor of Neuquén Province and likely presidential candidate in 2007, to create a nationwide centre-right political force. López Murphy has fallen out with Sobisch but discussions between Commitment to Change and Sobisch continue.

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