European Parliament Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development

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The Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI) is a committee of the European Parliament.

Responsibilities of the Committee[edit]

AGRI is the European Parliament committee responsible for:

  1. The operation and development of the Common Agricultural Policy
  2. Rural development (including the activities of the relevant financial instruments)
  3. Legislation on:
    1. Veterinary and plant-health matters, animal feedingstuffs provided such measures are not intended to protect against risks to human health
    2. Animal husbandry and welfare
  4. Improvements in the quality of agricultural products
  5. Supplies of raw materials for agriculture
  6. The Community Plant Variety Office
  7. Forestry

Key Members[edit]

Name Position in Committee Member State Party Group
Paolo De Castro Chairman Italy PES
Jean-Claude Fruteau Vice-Chairman France PES
Janusz Wojciechowski Vice-Chairman Poland UEN
Friedrich-Wilhelm Graefe zu Baringdorf Vice-Chairman Germany EFA

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