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The Committee on Foreign Policy (Albanian: Komisioni për Politikën e Jashtme) is a committee in the Albanian parliament.[1] It main goal is the Foreign Policy of the Republic of Albania. [1]


After the Albanian parliamentary election in 2009 the Committee has 13 members. The current Chairman of the Committee is Fatos Beja, member of the Assembly of the Republic of Albania for the Democratic Party of Albania.

  1. Fatos Beja, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Policy, Democratic Party
  2. Arta Dade, Vice Chairwoman, Socialist Party
  3. Luçiano Boçi, Secretary, Democratic Party
  4. Lajla Pernaska, member, Democratic Party
  5. Gazmend Oketa, member, New Democratic Spirit (formerly Democratic Party)
  6. Vangjel Dule, member, Unity for Human Rights Party
  7. Florion Mima, member, Democratic Party
  8. Fatbardh Kadilli, member, Democratic Party
  9. Qemal Minxhozi, member, Socialist Party
  10. Olta Xhaçka, member, Socialist Party
  11. Namik Dokle, member, Socialist Party
  12. Shpëtim Idrizi, member, Party for Justice, Integration and Unity (formerly PS/PDI)
  13. Kastriot Islami, member, Independent (first Socialist Party)

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