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The Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is one of the human rights bodies in the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations. It is tasked with monitoring the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. It initially consisted of 12 independent human rights experts, with half elected for two-year terms and half elected for four years.[1] Thereafter, members will be elected for four-year terms, with half the members elected every two years. As the Convention has achieved 80 ratifications, the committee was expanded to 18 members.[1]

All states parties are required to submit regular reports to the Committee outlining the legislative, judicial, policy and other measures they have taken to implement the rights affirmed in the Convention. The first report is due within two years of ratifying the Convention; thereafter reports are due every four years.[2] The Committee will examine each report and address its concerns and recommendations to the state party in the form of “concluding observations”.

The initial membership of the Committee was elected by secret ballot at the first conference of states' parties to the Convention on 3 November 2008 in New York.[3] The first chair, elected at the first session in February 2009, was Mohammed Al-Tarawneh[citation needed], who was succeeded with effect from February 2010 by Ron McCallum.

As of March 2013, membership of the Committee are:[4]

  • Jordan Mohammed al-Tarawneh - term expires in 2016
  • Uganda Martin Mwesigwa Babu (rapporteur) - term expires in 2016
  • Thailand Munthian Buntan - term expires in 2016
  • Chile Maria Soledad Cisteras Reyes (chairperson) - term expires in 2016
  • Germany Theresia Degener (vice chairperson) - term expires in 2014
  • South Korea KIM Hyung-shik - term expires in 2014
  • Tunisia Lotfi ben-Lallohom - term expires in 2014
  • Denmark Stig Langvad - term expires in 2014
  • Hungary Lászó Gábor LOVÁSZY - term expires in 2016
  • Kenya Edah Wangechi Maina - term expires in 2014
  • Australia Ronald McCallum (vice chairperson) - term expires in 2014
  • United Kingdom Diane Mulligan - term expires in 2016
  • Turkey Safak Pavey - term expires in 2016
  • Spain Ana Peláez Narváez - term expires in 2016
  • Guatemala Silvia Judith Quan-Chang - term expires in 2016
  • Mexico Carlos Rios Espinosa (vice chairperson) - term expires in 2014
  • Serbia Damjan Tatic - term expires in 2014
  • Ecuador Germán Xavier Torres Correa - term expires in 2014

All terms expire on December 31 of the years shown above.[5]

The committee meets twice a year in Geneva.[6]

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