Commodore 2031

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The Commodore 2031 and Commodore 4031 were single unit 5¼" floppy disk drives for Commodore International computers. They used a similar steel case form to the Commodore 9060/9090 hard disk drives, and used the IEEE-488 interface common to Commodore PET/CBM computers. Essentially, both models were a single drive version of the Commodore 4040.

The Commodore 2031LP was functionally the same as the 2031, but used the lower profile tan case of the Commodore 1541 floppy disk drive intended for home computer use.

These drive models used a similar single density, single side floppy data storage format to that used by the Commodore 1541 drive, but with a slightly different data marker indicating which model originally formatted the disk. The low level disk format was similar enough to allow reading between models, but different enough that one series of drive models could not reliably write to disks formatted with one of the other model series.