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Lugares comunes
Directed by Adolfo Aristarain
Produced by Adolfo Aristarain
Joasean Gómez
Gerardo Herrero
Written by Adolfo Aristarain
Lorenzo F. Aristarain
Kathy Saavedra
Starring Federico Luppi
Mercedes Sampietro
Arturo Puig
Cinematography Porfirio Enríquez
Edited by Fernando Pardo
Distributed by Transmundo Films
Release dates
September 12, 2002
September 20, 2002
Running time
115 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Common Ground (Spanish: Lugares comunes) (2002) is an Argentine and Spanish drama film co-written, co-produced and directed by Adolfo Aristarain. The film marks the seventh collaboration between Aristarain and actor Federico Luppi. It also stars Mercedes Sampietro and Arturo Puig.


After being forced to retire, literature professor Fernando Robles (Federico Luppi) and his wife Liliana (Mercedes Sampietro) are forced to reevaluate their lives and make major changes in them. These include setting the record straight with their son, exiled in Madrid and starting out a new life. They decide to buy a small lavender farm in Córdoba from a widowed man, Zacarías, and with the aid of their lawyer friend Carlos (Arturo Puig), attempt to start out their new business.

Along the way, Fernando, an aspiring writer himself, jots down notes and ideas for a novel in a book, which he frequently narrates in voice-overs. But this attempt at a new life is cut short when Fernando suddenly contracts pneumonia one cold night on the mountains. He is hospitalized and dies over a week, with enough time to bid farewell to his family and tell his wife all he never said out loud.

Liliana rejects the help of the sympathetic Carlos and the offer from her son Pedro to come live with his family in Spain. She opts to carry on her late husband's attempt of a new life, and stays in the farm Fernando helped rebuild.


Awards and Nomination[edit]

Award Category Subject Result
Argentinean Film Critics Association Awards Best Actor Federico Luppi Nominated
Best Actress Mercedes Sampietro Nominated
Best Art Direction Abel Facello Nominated
Best Director Adolfo Aristarain Nominated
Best Film Nominated
Best Screenplay Adolfo Aristarain, Kathy Saavedra Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Claudio Rissi Nominated
Butaca Awards Best Film Actress Mercedes Sampietro Won
Cartagena Film Festival Best Film Adolfo Aristarain Nominated
Cinema Writers Circle Awards Best Actress Mercedes Sampietro Won
Best Screenplay Kathy Saavedra Nominated
Fotogramas de Plata Best Actress Mercedes Sampietro Nominated
Fribourg International Film Festival Audience Award Adolfo Aristarain Won
Grand Prix Nominated
Goya Awards Best Actress Mercedes Sampietro Won
Best Screenplay Kathy Saavedro Won
Gramado Film Festival Best Actress Mercedes Sampietro Won
Best Film Nominated
Havana Film Festival Glauber Rocha Award Adolfo Aristarain Won
OCIC Award Won
Vigia Award Won
San Sebastián International Film Festival Best Screenplay Kathy Saavedra Won
Best Actress Mercedes Sampietro Won
Golden Seashell Adolfo Aristarain Nominated
Sant Jordi Awards Best Spanish Actress Mercedes Sampietro Won
Spanish Actors Union Best Lead Performance - Female Mercedes Sampietro Won

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