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Australian Government Solicitor (AGS) is a Commonwealth government agency established to provide legal services to the Government of Australia and its agencies.

AGS was originally the Crown Solicitor's Office which was established on 1 July 1903 on the appointment of Charles Powers as the first Commonwealth Crown Solicitor.

AGS became a government business enterprise in 1999.

Some Commonwealth legal work, including constitutional law, is 'tied' work that only AGS is able to perform as solicitor on behalf of the Commonwealth.

Individuals who have served as Commonwealth Crown Solicitor, Australian Government Solicitor or CEO of AGS are: Charles Powers (1903-1913), Gordon Castle (1913-1927), William Sharwood (1927-1936), Fred Whitlam (1936-1949), Keith Waugh (1949-1951), David Bell (1951-1955), Harry Renfree (1955-1970), Bob Hutchison (1970-1975), Alan Neaves (1975-1979), Brian O'Donovan (1979-1983), Tom Sherman (1983-1989), Stephen Skehill (1989-1990), John Pyne (1990-1993), Dale Boucher (1993-1999), Rayne de Gruchy (1999-2010) and Ian Govey (2010-present).


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