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There are 1,621 Communes/Sangkats in Cambodia. Each Commune Council is composed of 5 to 11 members depending on demography and geography, elected through a proportional system where nationally registered political parties can compete by presenting a list of candidates of at least twice the number of seats in each Commune. There are no independent candidates.

The first commune-level election was held in February 2002. The latest one was held in April 2007.

Cambodia's first Senate Election was held on January 22, 2006.
2 Senators were nominated by the King and 2 were elected by the National Assembly of Cambodia. The rest were elected by commune councillors.

Latest elections[edit]

2007-04-01 Commune Councils Election Results

Political Parties Male Commune Councils Members Female Commune Councils Members
CPP 6,600 1,393
Sam Rainsy Party 2,411 249
Norodom Ranariddh Party 414 11
Hang Dara Democratic Movement Party 1 0
Total 9,691 (85.36%) 1,662 (14.64%)
Grand Total 11,353

Sources: Number of Women elected as Communes Councils’ Members for the 2007 Commune Council elections Nationwide (PDF)

2012 Commune Council elections[edit]

2010-03-06 Commune Councils Election Results

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