Popular Unity Party (Iraq)

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Popular Unity Party, a political party in Iraq led by Youssif Hamdan. Initially set-up as Communist Party of Iraq in 1995. CPI split away from the Iraqi Communist Party during the latter period of the Saddam Hussein regime. Many saw the setting up of CPI as a puppet party of the regime, whose existence would give the outside world an impression that the country was a multi-party state. CPI met with foreign delegations visiting Iraq. It seems the intentions of CPI would be to join the government as a junior partner within the National Progressive Front, similar to the coalition set-up in neighbouring Syria, but the idea was later discarded. CPI was never given possibility to register as a legal party, though its leader was in the Iraqi parliament as of 2001.[1]

Following the fall of the Saddam regime, the party was reconstructed as the Popular Unity Party.


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