Communist Party of Ukraine (renewed)

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KPU(o) election poster

The Communist Party of Ukraine (renewed) (Ukrainian: Комуністична партія України (оновлена); Komunistyčna Partija Ukraïny (onovlena)) is a political party in Ukraine, formed in November 2000[1] following a split from the Communist Party of Ukraine (KPU). KPU(o) is led by Mykhaylo Savenko, previously a member of Parliament of the pro-president Kuchma[2] Labour Ukraine.[3]

KPU claimed that the formation of KPU(o) was instigated by the political establishment, in order to steal votes from KPU.[4]

At the legislative elections on 30 March 2002, the party won 1.4% of the popular vote and no seats. despite the fact that only six other parties spent more on their election campaign.[5] In the 30 September 2007 elections, the party garnered only 0.29% of the popular vote.[1]

The party did not participate in the 2012 parliamentary elections.[6] And again not in the 2014 Ukrainian parliamentary election.[7]