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The Communist Voice Organization is a United States communist group centered on Communist Voice magazine. The group also publishes Detroit Workers' Voice and a "revolutionary literary zine," Struggle. Its major spokesperson goes by the name Joseph Green.

In 1981 the Marxist-Leninist Party USA attempted to absorb other anti-revisionists and simultaneously began a reassessment of its politics. By the late 1980s the MLP had come to the conclusion that "anti-revisionism" meant that they had to reject traditional support of the international communist movement's positions from the time of the 1935 Congress of the Communist International onwards. This decision led to an ideological impasse within the MLP.

At its fifth congress in November 1993 the MLP voted to dissolve itself, but some local MLP groups disagreed with this decision. One such group became the Communist Voice Organization.

The CVO emphasizes the importance of theory for the revolutionary movement, and criticizes Trotskyism, Stalinism, and Maoism as "fake communism" adapted to the interests of the ruling class. Because of this rejection of the major 20th century branches of communism, the group is sometimes seen as left communist although CV criticizes the left communism as well.


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