Community Movement

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Community Movement
Leader Adriano Olivetti
Founded 1948
Dissolved 1960
Membership ? (max)
Ideology Social liberalism, federalism
Political position Centre-left
Politics of Italy
Political parties

The Community Movement was an Italian political organization founded by Piedmontese progressivist entrepreneur Adriano Olivetti after the end of World War II.

Olivetti had previously established a cultural group, which only subsequently began a political activity at local level, entering in municipal and provincial elections. The Community fought against particracy and Jacobin centralism, aiming to replace them with a federal union of local communities. The movement tried to merge both liberal and socialist ideas, opposing both conservatives and communists.

The movement successfully engaged the 1958 general election, Olivetti becoming MP for Piedmont, but the history of Community was dramatically stopped in 1960 when its founder died of heart failure.

Community's political ideas disappeared from Italian political debate for thirty years, later being revamped by the Northern League.[1]

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