Comorian constitutional referendum, 2009

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A constitutional referendum was held in Comoros on 17 May 2009; originally set for 22 March 2009, it was then postponed due to disagreement over the content.[1]


The president of the Comoros Ahmed Abdallah Sambi proposed to extend the current presidential term for two years to hold all elections at the same time in 2011, as well as reform the constitutional structure of the Comoros to save money; opposition parties and those from other islands were opposed to this, seeing it as a ploy to extend his term of office at the expense of the other two islands. The referendum specifically proposed to postpone presidential elections until 2011, to allow for Islam to become the state religion, and to downgrade the status of the presidents of the constituent islands to governors, while also allowing the president to dissolve parliament.[2][3][4] The referendum was approved with 93.9% in favour, at a turnout of 51.7%.[5]