Compaq Portable 386

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Compaq Portable 386
Compaq Portable 386
Manufacturer Compaq Computer Corporation, United States
Type Portable computer
Release date 1987[1]
Operating system MS-DOS 3.3
CPU Intel 80386 @ 20 MHz, Intel 80387 (FPU) option
Memory 2 - 10 MB RAM[1]
Display 10" amber colored gas-plasma display
Graphics 640 X 400 resolution CGA, 80/40 X 25 text
Sound PIT using a mini speaker
Connectivity CGA, serial, parallel, ISA expansion bus[1]
Dimensions 41 (width) x 19.2 (depth) x 24.8 (height) cm
Weight 11 kg
Predecessor Compaq Portable III
Successor Compaq Portable 486

The Compaq Portable 386 is a computer released by Compaq Computer Corporation in 1987.[1] Its street price upon its release was 12,000 - 14,000 USD for a model equipped with an 20 MHz Intel 80386 CPU, 2 MB RAM, 16 kB ROM, 1.2 MB 5.25" floppy, 40 or 100 MB hard disk,[1] and a 10" amber colored gas-plasma display.[1] Power is supplied using a mains electricity outlet, no battery exists.[1] Option for Intel 80387 (FPU). An expansion box for two IBM-AT ISA card slots available.[1]

Its RAM is expandable to 10MB via expansion card. The onboard slots support only up to 4MB (4x1MB) SIMMs. The Portable 386 supports one hard disk with up to 504MB of space, which can be configured by the Compaq SETUP disk (BIOS is NOT saved on its EPROMs directly)

Early versions of the Compaq Portable 386 were sold with the Compaq Portable III case and badges. A differing screen bezel stating "386/20" was the only externally visible change.


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