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Compare Group
Compare Group logo.png
Type Privately held
Founded 2006 (2006)
Headquarters Utrecht, Netherlands
Key people Ben Kerkhof
Industry Internet
Employees 60
Type of site Price comparison service
Available in French, Dutch, Finnish, Flemish

Compare Group is a privately held company which holds six price comparison services in four different countries. Compare Group was founded in the Netherlands in 2006, with roots dating back to 1999.

History[edit] was founded in 1999 by Ben Kerkhof, Jean Paul Soethout and Tjibbe de Jong and was the first price comparison website in the Netherlands. In 2000, co-founder Ben Kerkhof started, a price comparison website based in Finland. Business was expanded to Belgium in 2002 with the start of and in 2006 acquired Dutch competitor

Compare Group was founded shortly after the acquisition of in 2006, in order to centralize the management of the different labels. Since the founding of the Compare Group, business was expanded further to France and French-speaking Belgium with the foundation of and in 2009. Ben Kerkhof has been the CEO of Compare Group since its foundation.

Although Compare Group provides some insights in monthly visitor amounts, it does not publish exact visitor numbers. However it is known that in 2004 welcomed its 20 millionth visitor since its founding in 1999 and passed the 40 million visitors mark in 2006.[1]

Discontinued projects[edit]

  •, a price comparison website based in England. The website was founded in 2002 and discontinued in 2006.
  •, a website aimed at comparing prices of erotic and adult products which was founded in 2002.[2] It was discontinued as a separate project in 2004 when it was integrated in
  •, a website founded in 2010. focused on offering one special deal which lasted for 24 hours. The website was sold in 2011 to GoldenExperience.[3][4]
  • Check Magazine, a print magazine by,, and Zoover, was introduced in 2008 and wrote mainly about trends and developments in online shopping.[5] Check Magazine was discontinued after three issues due to a lack of subscribers and advertisement revenue.[6][7]


  • 2003: Arbalet - Belgian comparison competitor Arbalet was acquired in 2003. Its activities were incorporated and continued in Arbalet ceased to exist as a separate entity.[8]
  • 2004: - was acquired along with other assets from the bankrupt company Cedron.[9]
  • 2006: - Competing price comparison website was acquired from De Telegraaf in 2006. No details on the acquisition have been disclosed.

Business model[edit]

Compare Group’s business model consists of three main revenue drivers:

  • Lead generation for web shops using a cost per click model.
  • Selling advertising space to Google AdSense and media agencies (using a CPM based model).
  • A cost per sale model which provides Compare Group a percentage of the order value for every order placed on Compare Group’s websites. Although Compare Group receives the orders, the actual processing of orders is done by web shops. Web shops receive the order value subtracted by Compare Group’s compensation ( only).[10]


Consolidated revenue of Compare Group:

Year Revenue (in million €) Growth
2007 4.7
2008 5.0 6.4%
2009 5.4 8%
2010 6.7 24.1%
2011 8.1 20.9%
2012 9.0 11.1%

No figures on profits or losses have been published by Compare Group.


  • 2011: was elected in the top 10 favorite French comparison sites.[11]
  • 2012: won the High Growth Award of its region.[12]
  • 2013: was nominated for the Best Comparison Website Award at the Dutch Thuiswinkel Awards.[13]

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